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How To Make Translate Tools

This day I get one more widget, the widget translate Google's already modified by Hoctro comrade. As we already know that Google provides tools to translate that is like this:

but this time giving tips Hoctro of different tools for interpretation such as this:

Widget by Hoctro Bloggerize by OBTemplate

how, interesting is not enough. If you like this widget tools interpreter. Here is code and how to installation:

<b:widget id='HTML200' locked='false' title='Translate to your Language' type='HTML'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<!-- Translation Widget by Hoctro - 10/2008 - This note must not be deleted -->
<!-- only display title if it's non-empty -->
<b:if cond='data:title != ""'>
<h2 class='title'><data:title/></h2>
<div class='widget-content'>
<form action=''>
<table id='webtb'>
<tr><td> <select name='tl' style='width: 8em;'>
<option value='ar'>Arabic</option>
<option value='bg'>Bulgarian</option>
<option value='ca'>Catalan</option>
<option value='zh-cn'>Chinese (Simplified)</option>
<option value='zh-tw'>Chinese (Traditional)</option>
<option value='hr'>Croatian</option>
<option value='cs'>Czech</option>
<option value='da'>Danish</option>
<option value='nl'>Dutch</option>
<option value='en'>English</option>
<option value='tl'>Filipino</option>
<option value='fi'>Finnish</option>
<option value='fr'>French</option>
<option value='de'>German</option>
<option value='el'>Greek</option>
<option value='iw'>Hebrew</option>
<option value='hi'>Hindi</option>
<option value='id'>Indonesian</option>
<option value='it'>Italian</option>
<option value='ja'>Japanese</option>
<option value='ko'>Korean</option>
<option value='lv'>Latvian</option>
<option value='lt'>Lithuanian</option>
<option value='no'>Norwegian</option>
<option value='pl'>Polish</option>
<option value='pt'>Portuguese</option>
<option value='ro'>Romanian</option>
<option value='ru'>Russian</option>
<option value='sr'>Serbian</option>
<option value='sk'>Slovak</option>
<option value='sl'>Slovenian</option>
<option value='es'>Spanish</option>
<option value='sv'>Swedish</option>
<option value='uk'>Ukrainian</option>
<option selected='vi' value='vi'>Vietnamese</option>
<input expr:value='data:blog.url' id='url' name='u' type='hidden'/>
<input name='sl' type='hidden' value='en'/>
<input name='hl' type='hidden' value='en'/>
<input name='ie' type='hidden' value='UTF-8'/>
<input style='width: auto;' type='submit' value='Go'/>
<h6>Widget by <u><a href="">Hoctro</a> Bloggerize by <a href="">OBTemplate</a></u></h6>
<b:include name='quickedit'/>

This line below contains the source language. Since I'm writing this blog in English, my source initial is en. You must change to your source language initial from the the widget code above.
<input name='sl' type='hidden' value='en'/>

This line below contains the preferred target language. Since I am a "constructive" lazy kind of guy, my preferred target language is Vietnamese vi. You must change this to your preferred target language, such as French ('fr').
<option selected='vi' value='vi'>Vietnamese</option>

Also, change the word "Go" to your language:
<input style='width: auto;' type='submit' value='Go'/>

One last thing. If you don't want part of your text to be translated, add the class='notranslate' to the tag around it, such as this example below:
<span class='notranslate'>This text won't be translated.</span>

Until next time.
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How To Make Translate Tools
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