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This tutorial is a very quick guide to teach you how to change or design your own Blogger templates. It's easy to understand and follow, especially to those who has no knowledge in HTML programming.

The tutorial is split into a number of sub-tutorial modules that explain specific parts of Blogger template design in detail. The best way to learn is by going through the module sequence one by one. But if you are familiar with the basics, you can jump into the more advanced modules. The earlier modules are focused on explaining the basic structure of the template design and the template code so that you understand more about a Blogger template in general. The later modules explain each section of a Blogger template in more detail and help you go through the process of coding and designing a template in a step-by-step approach.

In the tutorial, some of the names and terms are based on my own template design, but I'll explain them as general as possible so you get the bigger picture and can adapt to different template designs.

Tutorial Contents
Tutorial 1: The Structure of a Blogger Template
Tutorial 2: The Structure of a Blogger Template Code
Tutorial 3: The Structure of CSS Styling Section
Tutorial 4: Setting the Properties of a Container
Tutorial 5: Common Containers and Elements in a Blogger Template
Tutorial 6: Using the Generic Blogger Template
Tutorial 7: Setting the Template Size
Tutorial 8: The Body Section of the Blogger Template Code
Tutorial 9: More Explanation about the Body Code
Tutorial 10: Making a 3-Column Template and More ...
Tutorial 11: Starting Your Own Blogger Template
Tutorial 12: How To Embed Images as Background

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